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Know More

Build good profile, prepare for what's required for your dream job.

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Train Harder

Equip yourself with what corporate needs - Train and take a shot.

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Apply Better

Improve your chance of getting hired, acquire the skills needed and master the assessments.

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Spend Lesser

Spend lesser for the services offered, as our platform is an extensive resource...

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Job-Seeker Features


Submit basic Detail and Register for free

Account Validation

Validate your account before logging in for the first time


Apply for positions & schedule exit test


Apply for Internships (Not charged when there is no associated assessment)

Discussion Forum

Create Threads and discuss with Peers on the position, process etc


Update Profile

Dashboard & Insights

Every registered Campus Partner will have their own Dashboard

Alerts & Notifications

Set and receive appropriate alerts and notification

Dynamic Reports

Generate customized reports dynamically


We offer dedicated support and inbuilt ticket system for raising your concerns/Queries


Inbuilt Payment gateway option

How it Works

We Walk you through how it all works

Top Trending

Get to know the top trending positions etc


Have a look at our constantly updated FAQs section before raising a ticket

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