How to find your Dream Job

What is your life’s calling?

When your passion and career come so much together that you would even do it for free.

A dream job ideally makes you feel rewarded and recognized for your hard work, passion, and skills, and it keeps you challenged, learning, and engaged. It’s possible that you could be good at anything if you tried hard enough—but shouldn’t your strengths be indicative of what you should be doing? Won’t you be happier and better at your job if you find a career that is suited to your strengths? Always chase your dream to live the life you dream.

Lead with strengths
Learn more about your innate talents and list it out. If required utilize the online strengthsfinder resource that can help you figure out exactly what kind of career and work environment will resonate with you . Analyze your past work to figure out exactly what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what situations bring out your best work and happiest self.
Example if you are good at arts & crafts and enjoy working with colors and making models then Graphic Designer,Visual designer, Game designer and User Interface Designer are some of the professions you should be looking to pursue.

Research on a career
Deciding what is right for you can be a difficult process. There are countless career options to choose from and it can be a daunting task to narrow it down.
Talk to as many people as possible and learn about their career paths and advice. Ask about their job, industry, and professional aspirations. Use professional network platforms and read people’s job descriptions or go online and read interviews and articles about people you admire. Before you set your heart on a career, or completely rule it out, make sure you find out what the job is like on the day-to-day.

Map the skills with Job
Identify your strengths and the kind of job you want to do. Now make a list of jobs and the required skills. What matters is your skills and proficiency and not the number of years. Pick the right platform to showcase your skill sets.
Use skill list throughout your job search process. Mention your skills in your resume, cover letter and interview process.

Identify the ideal work environment
Consider the type of work environment where you will thrive and the lifestyle you hope to have.Are people competitive with one another or collaborative? Is the company hierarchical or flat? Do you work as a team or work primarily on your own? Can people work from home or are they expected to work in the office? What is the work-life balance like? What are your salary expectations?
Your answers will help you clarify what you liked most and least about previous workplaces so that you can look for similar or different characteristics in the future. And if you aren’t sure, try taking up some work on the side to help you decide. If you work in a collaborative office, try doing some solo freelancing. If you spend your workdays by yourself, why not work on a collaborative project on the side? This will widen your thought process and help you to make a better choice.

Explore new options
Take classes, attend workshops, read books, watch countless YouTube tutorials, and try something new. You may find out that you’re passionate about coding, website design, graphic design, writing, or something else entirely. Technology makes it so easy to learn new skills.
A new hobby of making silly videos or putting together film clips to recreate a hit song on YouTube can lead to an entirely new career due to the growing importance of online videos, which might just make these sought-after job skills. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to market their products – and a viral video is one of the best ways to do so.

Being idealist and learning to strategize in order pursue your dream is the most important decision in life , but it may lead to disappointment later if you haven’t infused realistic data points along the way in making your choice. Having a clear understanding of your needs and abilities will help you narrow down your choice of career, industry and the place that will be most suitable for you to excel in life.