Find the Right Hire

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do;
we hire smart so they can tell us what to do”

An organization’s success depends on hiring the right people, getting them into the right seats, and giving them opportunities to grow. The challenge is how to bring the right people on board in the first place. Hiring a wrong person is more expensive than not hiring the right person. Finding candidates for the right role goes beyond technical skills or the perfect CV.

Key to scale up the talent pool
Ensuring intensity of ownership is key to quality of output when the organization decides to scale up. The need is to identify and actively enshrine the right competencies and behaviors in the context of the new position to scale up the organization. A detail job analysis to match skills to job tasks creates a clear understanding about the position that is opened for hiring.

Maintain a good reputation as an employer
Create a clear and interesting script about your company, nature of business, future potential and
how that role fits in. It is essential that the organization’s values and goals are defined clearly. It is the role of the board and the search committee to agree on those issues. Only then can the right talent find its place and have a chance to succeed in challenging circumstances.

Screening the candidates
The hardest part of recruitment is screening the right candidates from a large applicant pool.
Shortlist the candidates for their ability to meet the challenges specific to your organization.
Depending on the position, required core and secondary competencies can be grouped and given different weightage.

Use a structured interview process
Interview questions should be framed to test at least six core attributes along with the behavioural and situational qualities. Finally determining the grading scale is very important to ensure objective decisions. The candidates should also be analysed on whether they are talented, growth-oriented and mission-driven.

Be proactive with the recruitment efforts
Even when all the roles in your company have been filled, searching for candidates and building the talent pipeline should be an ongoing process. Setting up a community event like training, information, networking, or just simply social for those types of people who are potential hires. As a valuable community is built, a positive employer brand will begin to develop. The next time your organization needs to fill a role, a ready pool of candidates who are familiar with your organization will be available.

There’s nothing more crucial to the success of an organization than bringing the right people on board and encouraging their growth, since a bad hire could cost tens of thousands of dollars. The right hires develop the skills they need to move on to the next level in their careers. In the process, they will move their organizations forward as well.